Main Stage Addresses


Betty Yee Amy Ziering

California State Controller Filmmaker: The Hunting Ground,

The Invisible War, and The Bleeding Edge


Closing Keynote Presented by CEC


Cleo Wade

Artist, Poet, Author


Panelists: Intersectionality and Inclusion


Erica Chidi Cohen Raja Kumari Tavae Samuelu

Author, Doula, Rapper, Singer, Executive Director,

Co-Founder of LOOM Songwriter, Dancer Empowering Pacific

Islander Communities

DW photo.jpg
mm pic.JPG

Doreena Wong Michaela Mendelsohn

Project Director, CEO, Pollo West Corp

Advancing Justice LA Founder, TransCanWork


Panelists: Feminism and the #MeToo Movement: Supporting and Centering Survivors


Angela Reddock-Wright Patti Giggans, M.A.

Managing Partner, Executive Director,

the Reddock Law Group Peace Over Violence


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