The Team


Claire Fieldman

UCLA USAC President

Undergraduate Chair, UC Council of Student Body Presidents

Claire Fieldman is honored to serve as UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council President for the 2018-19 year. Claire is a fourth-year student from Danville, CA studying English and Spanish with the intention of attending law school after graduation. 

“I LEAN In because I have recognized that my leadership is inextricably linked to my feminism - and that we must invest in a culture that cultivates and celebrates empowered women.”


Sydney Straub

Executive Director, Director of Sponsorship

Sydney Straub is a second-year student from Massachusetts. Majoring in Political Science, Sydney is additionally seeking a minor in Public Health. As a co-executive-director of the 2019 Women’s Leadership Conference, she is beyond excited for the opportunity to help empower all femme-identifying students through granting them exposure to leadership positions.

“I LEAN In for all the incredible and capable women in my life who deserve nothing but the best.”


Millen Srivastava

Executive Director

Millen Srivastava is a third-year Psychobiology major, Public Affairs minor from Chicago, IL. She is serving on the Lean IN team as a co-executive-director of the 2019 Women’s Leadership Conference.

“Too often, women are undermined; our struggles are overlooked and our ambition is disregarded. Women’s empowerment changes that. It shows those who question us that we have a place in society. I LEAN In because I’ve seen the impact female leadership has on our community. I LEAN In to show that women will not be undermined, overlooked, and disregarded.”


Isabel Bina

Communications Director

Isabel Bina is a second-year Design Media Arts student from Los Angeles, CA. As a photographer and graphic design, Isabel plans to minor in Entrepreneurship in order to pursue a career in media. With the hopes of becoming a Creative Director, Isabel is constantly exploring the human condition and offering the world authentic and nuanced stories.

“I LEAN In because women helping women is the only way to trump societal barriers and achieve unprecedented heights.”

lvalles headshot.JPG

Lauren Valles

Director of Breakouts

Lauren Valles is a first-year Political Science major from the San Francisco Bay Area. She hopes to use her position to help empower her fellow femme-identifying Bruins and is ecstatic to serve on this year's team. Lauren hopes to attend law school or work abroad in the nonprofit sector after graduation.

“I LEAN In not only to cultivate my own fearless leadership but to help the women around me be unapologetic in the pursuit of their goals.”

prof headshot.jpeg

Abigail Fitzgibbon

Co-Director of Panels

Abigail Fitzgibbon is a first-year Statistics major from the Greater Boston area. UCLA has given her the opportunity to meet inspiring Bruins and femme-identifying leaders, and she cannot wait to see so many trailblazing voices at the the UC Women’s Leadership Conference in March. After graduation, Abigail plans to pursuing a career researching the nexus of social justice and climate change policy.

“I LEAN In to normalize the boldness of women. A  fearless female leader is not shrill voice to be quieted. I LEAN In to show these voices are meant to lead and inspire.”


Vanshika Arora

Co-Director of Panels

Vanshika Arora is a first-year Business-Economics major and Film minor from Kuwait. Serving as this year’s Co-Director of Panels, Vanshika is eager to help connect brilliant and diverse women together through this Conference. 

“I LEAN IN, not because it’s a choice, but because it is my right, and to support those who have been denied this right.”

allie headshot.JPG

Allie Guillen

Assistant Director of Sponsorship

Allie Guillen is a fourth-year Political Science major and Philosophy minor, originally from Mexico City but now living in Mission Viejo, California. As Assistant Director of Sponsorship, she is excited to be working on LEAN IN UC and helping to inspire and empower UC women.

“I LEAN IN because I believe in the importance of women helping women to build networks and enter leaderships, tearing down the walls and ceilings around us. I LEAN IN because of the importance of allowing ALL women from ALL backgrounds comfortably into leadership spaces.” 


Maisy Bockus

Conference Intern

Maisy Bockus is a first-year Global Studies and Economics major from Carmel, CA. She is honored to be part of this conference, and she hopes to help empower her fellow Bruins.

“I LEAN In to help foster a culture where leadership is more than an elective course but instead part of the core curriculum of a women’s life.”